Über ein 120 Jahre altes IBACH-Klavier


Aus einem israelischen Kibbutz

…I acquired the instrument (no. 7807) eight years ago, fulfilling a childhood dream of owning my own piano. The first time I invited a piano-tuner to tune it, he told me, „It’s a lucky thing you called me; there aren’t many professionals left who know how to take care of this kind of piano.“ He looked up the serial number in his catalogue of manufacturers, and went on to tell me that the company is still solvent, and that this particular instrument was built before the turn of the century. Ever since then, he has been urging me to let you know about it.

I bought it because of its bell-like tone quality, clear and resonant. It gives me enormous pleasure, and its wonderful sound motivates me to practice and improve. Picking up where I left off, forty years ago, I have gradually been able to return to the capability of my girlhood, and perhaps a bit more. This is far from virtuosity, but enough to bring enjoyment to myself, my family, friends and community…


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